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Photobucket no longer allowing 3rd party hosting on free accounts


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You'll need to pony up $400 a year if you want to post your images stored on photobucket to this or any other forum. "Third Party Hosting" has been blocked on all but their 500 Plus accounts. That's the $400 a year plan. My images on this forum are no longer accessible. If I find another hosting service, I may update the image links on my posts here. But for now, consider them gone forever.

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Even though you can't share the images you should still be able to download your albums.


  • Login to your account
  • Open one of your albums
  • On the right hand side there should be a list of Actions
  • Find the "Download Album" action
  • Click on it and it will make you jump through hoops to prove you ARE NOT a robot.
  • Play their game and answer the questions.
  • Click the download button
  • WAIT for them to give you a link to download the album. DO NOT logout and use the email link. It NEVER works.
  • Open the zip file and see how many images were lost, hopefully none.

Even though I can't right click and save the images there is also an option to Download each image individually. You will also need to download each sub-album individually since PB will not combine them.

Gifs and Videos must be downloaded individually also.




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