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The CH Combat Stick has served me very well. It's not fancy, but it is precise, durable, and has the ability to map a lot of functions. I found mine on eBay together with a CH Pro Throttle for $150. They weren't new, but nonetheless they have been reliable for a year and a half now.

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Tough one to match the feel of that stick, everything else will seem pretty cheap. I would take a look at the Thrustmaster T-16000m FCS as I have recently setup a buddy of mine who wants to fly online.


He's totally ham fist'd and he probably will break anything I put in front of him. Just needed to get him off my equipment  :D


Good luck.

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I have the CH Fighterstick USB.


Could you tell us what happened to your Warthog?  Honestly, I love the CH as well, always have.....especially the software capabilities.  However, even a CH might need rebuilding after a long time, and it uses old-time potentiometer technology.  I made a series on how to install new pots at one time, but the pictures are probably lost now due to the whole photobucket thing.


That's not to say that the "old time" technology doesn't work just fine.  However, the Hall Effect sensors are supposed to be more accurate and more reliable.  Technically, they are (more accurate); but can you really discern more than 256 discreet positions in any one axis?  I was actually going to upgrade to a Warthog if my CH ever wore out (it's been rebuilt).  It just won't wear out.


In any case, I would say to anybody who needed a CH stick rebuilt, to send it to me and I would do it for free.  Even though the potentiometers aren't available anymore, I can switch the Throttle pot with whatever X or Y axis pot is acting up, and the Throttle pot is guaranteed to be good, and since one uses it on 100%, 95% of the time, you would not notice any problem at all 99.9% of the time (does that make sense to anybody?)  :)


IMHO the best thing about the CH is, beyond it's accuracy, is the physical  ease of movement.  Yeah, it's plastic, but at least the bearings seem to work forever.



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Warthog is great. 



That said, everything breaks eventually. I had to replace my Hog joystick two years ago because I tried to update the firmware and I bricked it. 


I replaced my throttle block two months ago when the USB buttons on the (EDIT) right stick no longer functioned. The right throttle HOTAS is critical as it has all the hats, boat switch, china hat switch, speed brakes, two directional hats and the HID mini-mouse. The left one just has the lights and an autopilot button. 


Original purchase was when it first came out (Fall, 2010). I'd say I got my money's worth out of the original set and I wouldn't use anything else if I had the choice. 


Here's to another 6 years!

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I have been having trouble with my wharthog throttle, the right hand lever, the buttons only worked intermitantly.

I have only had it 18 months, so got in touch with thrustmaster, they sent me instructions to check the base and levers.

Found the lead from the right lever crimped at the base of the lever, its working at the moment but for how long who knows.

going toask thrustmaster if a replacement lead can be sent out.

have attactched pdf instructions sent by thrustmaster.



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