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Can't modify Reshade Shift+F2 open menu key mapping

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S! all,


After installing Reshade 3.0.7 for ClOD last night, I've tried to modify the key mapping to open the Reshade in-game menu ( Shift+F2 ).

But I seem to be missing a key to add a multiple key mapping? By this, I mean, I'm not able to set 2 keys for this action ( eg. CTRL + F2, or else ). Only one key is shown.


Also, I just wanted to be sure that if I want to remove a shader/filter that I don't use in-game, I can just remove the .dll from the shader folder. This won't corrupt my .ini shader file!


I did try to find the solution's on the web or Youtube, but couldn't find anything.



Gen ;)


I will be in TS tonight to do a new setup in my Nvidia control settings (3D), my ClOD in-game video settings and my Reshade shader folder.

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You can take out the shader out of the folder no problem.

The settings for "that shader", will remain in the .ini file with

out any effect.


you can also edit the ini file


Just dbl keystroke no prob (shift or control...alt is different coding)

Key mapping can also be done by editing the dxgi.ini file



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I'll test later on today, see what happens.




Don't need to Lipfert, I did the change and all works.

I now open the Reshape menu with CTRL + F4, no more conflicts with my external view (F2) in ClOD.

I also uninstalled all my graphic card related files last night, and got a clean install with the latest driver for my Nvidia Card.

I will test my Reshape ClOD setup tonight. And then modify my Nvidia control panel.




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