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The Hunt for the Red Eagle Series


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Considering how the last 2 ended...geez. I'm beginning to wonder if it's possible to avoid bad luck for that long!


Maybe this time we should sacrifice a real chicken.

 Yikes!   um... Lets not get crazy now. :o   Take Danudets advice and use the goat.... Yes, definitely a goat... or sheep or something.


  Great stuff Barton, I look forward to these as well. I think you'll make it eventually, just hope it's not at my expense! ;)  

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For those who might not remember, it was a paraphrase from the movie "Major League", in which big hitter Pedro Cerrano's pre-game ritual involved sacrifices to his voodoo deity Jobu. Near the end of the movie, his team mates have become willing to try anything in order to help with a championship game, and all they can come up at the last minute with is Kentucky Fried Chicken. 😊

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