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Teamspeak and Controllers


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For the last couple of days, I've been trying to get my saitek to work with TS to no avail.  After pouring through the forum, it seems this has been an ongoing issue since update 3.1.1, and they still have yet to fix the issue with 3.1.16.  The primary issues that I read is the program doesn't recognize the button release, so when attempting to set a hotkey, it sits, waiting for a second input (which is my problem now), for those with hotkeys already assigned, they will eventually just stop working and you will have to hammer on your button multiple times before it activates.  The thing thats kinda concerning for me on this, is on a 5 page topic on this, I saw 4 dev responses.  The people that took the time to write and indicate that they fixed their issue, most reinstalled 3.1.0 or 3.0.19, while several others indicated that they were moving on to discord and uninstalling ts3.


If anyone has had the same issue and discovered a fix, it would be awesome if you could let me know what you did, or if you have a copy of 3.0.19 x64, post it up so I can DL it and get my ts working

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I have a CH fighterstick with the Scroll Lock programmed as my TS button.  But... I haven't changed my TS profile recently.  So maybe I'm just in the sweet spot of not having messed with it.


I hope that they resolve this soon, as it seems like a serious problem.


Have you been using Voice Activation in the meantime?

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So, after I posted, and after we talked on TS, I started noticing major problems.


TS does not play well with CH stuff at all.


So, after reading the TS forums, it seemed like the problem was stemming from the Gampad and Joystick Support Plugin (added to TS 3.1.1).


I have no idea what this does, as I don't need hotkey support from TS.


So I went to Tools > Options > Addons.  And uninstalled it.


Now everything works fine.

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