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That Indy race at Charlotte


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Thanks guys. Open wheel racing is really fun but the cars are very fragile. More road coursing soon. Just picked up the Pro Mazda open wheel race car that has the rotary engine in it. Tried to record live commentary with my first practice but I hadn't balanced my mic audio with my new headset yet so my voice was barely audible.


Did my first practice and race at Mid-Ohio. Last time I played a game with that track it was a demo for CART world championship on the O.G. PlayStation 1 and it had Greg Moore. Although that helped me in that I remembered the general layout of the track there is a HUGE difference between a PS1 version of it and the LASER scanned version in iRacing. I think I spun it about 2 dozen times. It may/may not have helped to learn the car on this track because of the constant elevation changes. Turn 5 starts on an incline and then transitions to a decline at the apex so it's a real test of throttle control.


Most of the fast guys run around a 1:17 flat in that car and after about 2 hours of tuning I'd managed a 1:18.4xx so I'm pretty happy with that. Though I'm really looking forward to the Nurburgring in a couple of weeks! Should have some real good racing footage in this series!

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