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This is really a dumb day in the Bowser household. I am trying to change my avatar. I got to my profile, click edit, select modify avatar and a page comes up. I click the link to select an avatar and a page comes up with a folder and a tab marked "UP" I can do anything after that. I have the avatar I want on my computer but am unable to find a way to upload it.

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The TS server address changed.


I made an announcement in the member section' date=' and ask that people pass on the message.


I'll PM you the new information, as well as give you member access.[/quote']



Sorry, but I see no announcement about the new TS address in the members section (is there more than one members section?). In fact I don't see anything about it anywhere (anywhere obvious that is). I know last night many people must of been on so . . . I don't know.

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