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Thursday night Wargrounds with US103rd

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Ha!  I think your squad got far and away the best end of the deal, that evening (and it was late evening, folks).


However, we did later account for ourselves in at least a creditable manner (managing to cause serious damage to the enemy, and escape alive, also damaged).  We'll call that one a draw   ;)


I look forward to Baer's video; I've already seen Hotlead's live stream.  Apologies to all for the heavy breathing!!!  Shows the stress of trying to recover from a spin (unsuccessful) and also the stress of getting clear of flak in a heavily damaged aircraft (successful).


Salute to the US 103rd for their usual extreme discipline.  I can honestly say that I have never seen a more awesome display of squadron solidarity than when Hotlead and I turned about and headed east after sighting 2 high SPADs, and then soon after 5 (yes, 5) SPADs lined up 3 on our left flank, and 2 on our right, in line astern each group, as Hotlead and I tried to visualize what would soon happen, and react to that.


I'm happy to have made it out alive, and to have given the enemy something to think about.


S!  Honored foes!  

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Between the 2 of us, we accounted for 6 planes in that sortie, plus the one Sturtz got.  You should look at the Wargrounds server stats when you have time; all of us, and the enemies too....it shows a

Not a lot of people know this, but US103rd_Larner acted as the model for the British rear gunner  😄

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Salute gents!


Here's last night's livestream:



And here also is the right Hon. Baer's stream from last night's festivities:


(Twitch stream 0:00:00 - 2:00:52)

One Life to Live, baby! JG1 takes Pfalz D.XIIs in an effort to intercept the US103rd. After about an hour's uneventful patrolling, the sky lights up and our forces collide in what can only be described as a stunning win for the US103rd. Following this, we dust ourselves off and are airborne again and, while escorting J30 in their trademark Gotha, we once again clash forces against the US103rd, this time putting up a very determined resistance and...dare I say...sending them running for home. [but Herr Hotlead, ve also vere running for ze hills at ze end of that one, ja?] Maybe... :lol:


(Twitch stream 2:03:08 - end)

Afterwards, we embark onto Hillbilly's "Ma and Pa's Basement" server for a good ol' fashioned round of E3s vs DH2s. Soon, the map switches, and we take Nieuports vs some very determined Albatros D.IIs. Not a banner night for me; by the end of the night, the Germans had a separate scrap yard dedicated solely to the wrecks of my machines. :P Ah, well. Live and (re)learn! During the latter part of the stream, I got the opportunity to share comms with none other than the US103rd's own Larner and Talbot! Always a pleasure talking with you guys! :D


Until next time!  

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Since Thanksgiving Day is this Thursday for all our American pilots, I realize some (myself included) won’t be able to make it tomorrow evening. For those who are still interested, however, tomorrow's fly in will be held on Wargrounds. ;)


Because I can’t make it Thursday, I’m going to try and hit this very promising mission by Cuban on Sunday!


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Salute gentlemen! Just a reminder that this Thursday’s action will take place on Cuban’s server! All are welcome to come! :D


If you like livestreams, then my livestream will be live at about 8:30pm CST here:



and my esteemed Allied opponent US103_Baer will also be live around the same time here:



Should be epic! :D

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I had a great time last night Gents. Thanks to Hotlead for reaching out and bringing me back in. I hope to keep on for a little while at least until #2 is born in January. 


From a tactical perspective, we suffered last night by splitting our second flight on the Foucacourt map between PDIII's and my single PD12. We could see the two seaters being shadowed by scouts at about 3.5-4, but I was the only one who could get up that high, and by that time everyone took their toys and went home. I patrolled for a while, deep in Entente lines too, but didn't see anything. Then Larner, I think, caught me at the worst possible moment of the entire evening when I was trying to enter a fight at Warfusee. Peeled my wings right off fair and square. That was a crushing disappointment but I think it will go smoother next time.


As always thanks for 103rd for participating and being such good sports.


Also, Talbot - you know.




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You're welcome Jocassee! It was great to share the skies with you again! :)


Last night was a slog. The US103rd was highly successful on all fronts (15 kills for no losses) and we got hammered pretty good. In hindsight, I can see I have quite a lot to work on myself. My flight leading was decent but ineffectual, and my dogfighting was pretty sloppy. I put myself in bad tactical situations, especially near the end of the stream and paid for it by getting killed by Baer later that night. :(


However, my thanks go out to the US103rd. They are forcing us to get smart and rethink our tactics. For a long time, we ruled the skies without a dedicated Allied squad to oppose us. Well, now one is here, and we will have to up our game. I'll post some thoughts later when I have time, but for now, here is last night's livestream: 



Also, here is Baer's stream from the Entente side of things:


Anyway, it was a pleasure flying with you all, and I look forward to next week!  B)

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Salute all!


A little late posting last Thursday's stream, but here it is at last! (Better late than never, eh? :P Also, I'll post up combat breakdowns in the private section of the forum later this evening.)




And here is US103_Baer's stream:


Had some absolutely AWESOME action on Cuban's server tonight! US103rd SPAD formations combined with 4 ship Dolphin formations, plus a couple high altitude two seaters made for the most intense action I've seen since my return to ROF! Afterwards, had a very nice chat with Larner & Hunter, and after that, had some DH.2 vs E.III action on the Ma and Pa's Basement server.


Big thanks to everyone who came out tonight! Looking forward to next Thursday night! :D

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Yup - good to have a big German squadron (or four squadrons, technically!)  keeping it interesting...many of those 54 were loners that got caught by an armada of SPADs, in which I just happened to get the killing blow...chalk it up to good wingmen ;)


with formations of 8+ Pfalzes lurking around it may be a while before I pull off another streak like that!


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Wicked fights last night, some really incredible furballs(Once we ditched the useless Spad 150hps, that is ;) ). One particular shout out to an unknown German airman in a Black Pfalz D.XII (Labroisse?) - we had our own private duel for a few seconds in the middle of the first big Metz fight, and it has to be in my top 10 RoF moments! Really, really cool stuff. Also, S to the two Fokker pilots that stopped shooting me when I was dead-sticking in after realising I wasn't =Mag-*cough* that camel pilot. 


As for the collision with HL...you'll have to forgive me; I'm British, we drive on the other side of the road!


(Actually, I pulled guns way too late when I should have been getting out of the way



In all seriousness, watching back the footage and seeing entire formations mixing it up with each other is just simply awesome. Thanks for making Thursdays the best night of the week! 


P.S - you brought fourteen bloody pilots?! 


Salute, you Hun reprobates! 



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The only thing that got "broke" was myself on that stupid Metz map, and I didn't get to "be on" anybody important   :rolleyes:


BTW, that cloud layer was 500 meters thick....I know, I climbed through them, so I could come down near the unsuspecting 103   ;)   which did not work out too well for me.


Maybe next time.



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Like Larner said. Absolutely wicked fights last night! Started out the night with MASSIVE Central formations contesting the skies over Metz against Pups, Triplanes, and SPAD 150s (although SPAD 180s would have been nice to have). After that, we traveled to Metz bomber offensive where there were some absolutely bloody conflicts in the claustrophobic skies over Metz! (One fairly funny moment that I caught just now... at 1:41:41, when I was dead-stick landing after oiling my engine chasing Hobbs, I actually got turned around and landed in enemy lines. And I didn't even realize it that night lol! :lol: Larner may drive on the "wrong side of the road," but I land on the wrong side of the lines. :P


Anyway, you can see the livestream here:



And here is Baer's stream from the Allied POV: 

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Let us not decry the deficiencies of the SPAD here, nor the miraculous performance of the Alb D.Va, friend !   :)    Such complaints are likely to fall on deaf ears   ;)   I'm pretty sure most here would gladly trade places; and although the obvious proficiency of the 103rd would be almost impossible to duplicate in a short time, I think you'd see at least a reversal of fortunes quite soon.  How revealing is it, to see that the most effective way for an Alb to down a SPAD is to have it's disintegrated wing parts fly off and hit you   :lol:


If what we've been told about FC turns out to be accurate, such idiosyncrasies of damage should become a thing of the past; looking forward to that.  Still, pretty amazed at how wonderful RoF is, faults and all.



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We had a tough fight on that one, shooting at 4 spads, 5 including Talbot in his strutter

who I never had a chance at.


I want to give a S! to Baer for all his comments toward J30.


Yes it is very true that this gentleman is a class act.  Whenever I've heard the commentary become heated, he's never joined in or disrespected an opponent.  Personally I'm as guilty of sounding obnoxious on comms as anybody out there, when things get dicey; or even acting in a way strangers would see as offensive (kill monger).  But Sir Baer's attitude is what I would aspire to, in my fondest wishes.  S! to as honorable a foe as there is out there!

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