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Battle of Stalingrad, Moscow & Kuban Control Mapping


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Not sure who is the best person to speak to with regards to the duplicated control mapping, had a heck of a time last night setting up the Spitfire water radiator controls without breaking the Russian aircraft. Anyways, still have a bug with Soviet where I have to put the Water Radiator to neutral before I touch the Oil Radiator or it moves both.


I have setup a Profile in Target for Soviet and Luftwaffe, due to the fact my lizard brain has a preconceived notion that forward is open and back is close.....


So I'm trying to maintain this for all aircraft and it's been working pretty good till I ran into the Water Radiator lever on the Spitfire. This is double important in VR because it's all by feel and you can't take off the headset every time.


I would kill to be able to load profiles within the game like CLoD. Any observations from the heavy users?



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