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timetable on/off


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I guess this is an option I will never bve able to understand for a long time, as I know I aksed for that in the old forums several time....



Can someone explain the function of that command for the special people plz.


I need to set squadrons AI or manual via timetable, but as it is a MDS grandcampaihn I cant pin it down to the date. As I can say when a before running campaign will end.

However I could set a date, but tbh I would like to keep things dynamic.




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The timetable on/off only refers to the ground campaign and whether the campaign moves automatically (as per the timetable) or by the movement of ground forces.  Unfortunately all the functions in the timetable are triggered by date so you're kind of hooped.  I'm not sure if the code for the following commands triggers on the date in question or if it triggers even after the date has passed.  You could try seeing if they trigger even if the date has passed (and then add them and remove them as necessary).


  19410814 AlwaysActive True II_JG770
  19410815 AlwaysActive False II_JG770
  19410815 PilotType Any II_JG770
  19410816 PilotType AI II_JG770
  19410817 PilotType Human II_JG770

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