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How do you turn unlimited fuel off?

TWB Rich8

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Hi guys, I'm new to DCG, and even though I've owned 1946 for over a year, I'm not experienced with it. I've noticed that during my campaigns (Guadalcanal '43 flying F4U-1As with VMF-112) I seem to have unlimited fuel. I think this is something related to the DCG, because my difficulty settings in-game have limited fuel checked.

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DCG has actually no setting to change the game difficulty setting.

As example you could test a bf109 instead , in which u can view the motor sucking the fuel.

It's weird because the limited fuel option is checked on for the campaign, so it should be consuming but it's not. When I do a quick mission fuel consumption works.

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After you generate a new campaign, are you going into the game settings and changing those settings?  (What I do in this case is always load an old campaign with all the settings that I want and going to the mission screen then backing out BEFORE I start the new campaign and it captures all my game settings from the old one.)

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