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FiF 20017 Fall campaign begins


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Flanders In Flames 2017 Fall campaign.




We are set to do battle in the sky of northern France. Combat starts 21 October, 2017  Stat time is always 2 pm Eastern North American time. Posted here Time


The area is well known to most online multi players. It is Amiens, Warfusee, Cappy, Assevilliers. Plane set is a late 1916, early 1917 mix. Registration, maps and target info are at JG1.org  If you have previously registered, you are still registered.  If you are new, we also have a STATS server you can register on at JG1 STATS


There is a slight change in the General capture mission.  In the northern Central capture area the General might be on a train. If he is, you have to bomb the train. He then switches to his car and fires flares to signal his surrender. You land and capture him as normal. In the southern area he is in a car as usual. The area for General on a train and General in a car are marked on the map.


There were no acceptable landing places for Central to pick up the SPY.  The SPY area was changed to a river area and the Central have float planes.


A practice map is running on the JG1 server. If you want to restart the mission to get fresh targets and maximum time, kill the balloon at the 2 seater base.


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