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Oct. 14 - 15 Vintage Mission Weekend


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Salute gentlemen! Since we have an open weekend between the end of Jasta 5's Black September Campaign and the start of the Flanders in Flames Campaign next weekend, we will feature a Vintage Mission Weekend for all those looking for action with missions all day Saturday and Sunday.

Mission Schedule - #1

Saturday- 1600GMT - Battle of Sissone - November 1916

Intel report: Recent Intelligence reports indicate that the Germans might prepare a counter attack after our failed offensive. A lot of troop movements have been spotted just behind their lines.  French escadrilles stationed at Bonnemaison Ferme are operating from forward airfields at Vauxcere and Maizy. In a desperate attempt to prevent an immedaite counter attack, the scouts are ordered to strafe the enemy transports. German HQ is anxious to know what the state is of the French defences therefore a photo recon mission has been requested. If the recon is succesful, German bombers are to attack targets behind the French lines. How to complete a recon sortie: Take the special recon plane (Recon Plane 1) and fly to one of the endpoints of the recon area at the designated height (see map). Follow subtitles. You must land at an active airfield.

Mission objectives:

-Entente forces will attack enemy transports, vehicles, and trains.

-Central Forces will have to defend and recon the enemy lines.

Weather report: 5/8 cloud cover at 1200m. Hazy. Wind is 3-5 meters per second, from the West.

Mission #2 - Die Kaiserschlacht- March 29, 1918

Location: Front lines between Bapaume and Marchelepot, north of the Somme.

Mission objectives: Each side will have 6 primary targets to destroy, indicated by a flag on the map. Before a target becomes active, it has to be reconnoitered by making 10 photographs. The flag will then turn red. When a primary target has been destroyed, the flag will be removed from the map. Secundary targets are any vehicle, trains or tanks and balloons in enemy territory.  When 2 (more) enemy targets are destroyed, new airfields will be activated with different plane types. -For photo recon missions only the designated planes "Recon" can trigger the photo sequence! -Photo recons need to land safely at an active base to complete their mission!  

Winning conditions: Complete all six objectives first.  

Weather report: Overcast with light rain, ceiling at 2000m. Wind 3-4 m/s, from the North.

Mission #3 - Armentieres - June 26, 1918

Location: Front lines south of Ypres, Flanders.

Intel: This scenario is based on actual events as described by the Jasta 40 Ace Carl Degelow in the book "Black Fokker Leader".  (Highly recommended first hand account)

Mission objectives

 Allies: 29 Squadron has orders to bomb German artillery before starting their Offensive Patrol over the lines. 79 Squadon will fly top cover. The DH4's of 25 squadron have as their primary target Lomme airfield and as a secundary target the enemy artillery batteries.

 Central: Jasta 7 and 40 are ordered to intercept enemy aircraft crossing the lines as well as to protect their two-seaters. Schlasta 25 is ordered to attack ground targets of opportunity behind the lines.

Weather report: Cloud base at 1400m. Wind 2 meters per second, from the South West.

Sunday Mission Start - 1700 GMT

Bombers Channel - Summer September, 1917

Bombing Channel targets

Objectives: Destroy all targets, marked on the map by a RED flag. The side that destroys all targets first will win. Move over the target with the cursor to see a description of the target. Please note that the flag will disappear when the target(s) has been destroyed.

Weather:  Wind is moderate (2-3 m/s), blowing from the West. Cloud base around 1000m. Some turbulence at lower altitudes.


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This is the kind of thing that I'd love to get into but there always seems to be something that takes precedence.  This weekend I ended up at a friend's lake house and we partied pretty hardy and had a great time through the whole weekend.  I know Cuban's opportunities to work around other RoF events are limited.  Still, I hope he doesn't give up!  Winter is coming and I know if the thing had gone through today (Monday) I'd be there for sure!  Hang in there, Cuban, your efforts are very much appreciated, even as an opportunity, even if not taken advantage of!  S!

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