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Q on "Secondary Targets" and "Targets of Opportunity"


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In most of the mission descriptions for the 2-seater primary objectives I found a statement like e.g.:


Recon aircraft may carry ordinance and are allowed to bomb secondary objective targets, as well as supply trains and supply convoys. They may not bomb Icon targets. That role is strictly relegated to pure Bombers.


​​I am interpreting the "secondary objective Targets" as those targets that are activated after primary objectives are completed, now just to make it clear: Is (for example) the recon plane allowed to bomb any secondary target, even it was not activated with this specific plane and pilot, but from anyone else?

Or is this rule specially dedicated to the situation: Only if you returned the photos of a recon flight successfully, you are allowed to direclty re-use the same (recon-)plane for the bombing of exactly this secondary target that you have activated?


And regarding the "Targets of Opportunity" (like e.g. supply trains): Does it bring any advantage for the team to bomb such targets?



....hope Q's are clear and not (too) stupid...  :unsure:


Thx / best



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Hi Etzel,


​​I am interpreting the "secondary objective Targets" as those targets that are activated after primary objectives are completed


Exactly.  Secondary Targets are those that are activated after Primaries have been completed.


And in the case of "targets of opportunity" that any aircraft can bomb or strafe, we're talking specifically about stationary vehicles or stationary ships...




...and moving targets of opportunity...




...and anything that says it's open to all aircraft to attack, like the HQ attack:




Any aircraft can bomb or strafe these targets of opportunity.  It doesn't have to be attacked by the same person who triggered it.


Attacking these targets will give your team points.  So you want to make sure to knock out as many as possible.


I may have forgotten something here, but I'm running out the door.


Let me know if I've missed something. :D

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Hi Mates,

I want to pick up this topic again: 

As esp. Butzzell might remember in the one session before the last one the rule "only Bombers can complete the primary bombing options" was questioned because both teams had violated this rule for one objective. 

The followig discussion came to the conclusion (that way agreed by every one) that this rule could be skipped easily, e.g. when you have plenty bombers available but only 2 rescue and 3 recons planes but you want to risk those special planes for a bombing target... so well, feel free... 


The rule that makes still sense is: Only 2-seaters can complete bombing targets while fighters may not carry any bombs! This rule can be easily controlled via server stats in that way:

- If a fighter had carried bombs (e.g. by mistake as pilot forgot to change plane set up before take off) it is as long no problem, as long the stats show now ground kill (in that case the bombs mean only a disadvantage for the piliot). But if a fighter has a ground kill AND was also equipped with bombs it means 1 point of the result is deducted....

(Well: With the fighters we have in the current plane set that rule is anyhow obsolete... :lol: ...but in general I mean ;) ) 


I am asking this, as current objective description still say that only dedicated "Bombers" are allowed to complete the primary targets. 





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I think I can answer that, Etzel.  Admins discussed that issue, and decided to leave the rules as they're currently posted; that is, only BOMBER-designated 2-seaters may attack objectives that are shown with ICONs on the game map.  The reason is to force conservation of plane assets, which could make things more difficult.


Also, some secondary objective mission descriptions MAY specify only bomber-designated aircraft for certain secondary objectives.  Obey the current written descriptions until such time as they're changed, if at all.



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