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BoS stuttering


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Getting graphics lag in MP servers in high density areas.  Used to be grass was the only thing that really messed up my PC.  Ran Ultra with grass disabled just fine.  Now even on the lowest settings I'm still getting stuttering that can be so horrific it makes the game unplayable.  Haven't changed a damn thing with my PC.  Is this something the devs have to iron out?  I've looked on the main forum and there seems to be some others that are having this problem and some are not.  May do a re-install just to see if that works.

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Sort of got this same thing in RoF recently on MMP server, not SP.  Wanted to blame it on the server (Wargrounds), but truthfully never got that before on any server.  Not really a slide show, but close.


Windows updates as per usual...no driver updates.  Last update, game controllers all changed ID's again, so had to revise all game controllers maps to make them correct again.  GeForce Experience no longer works, says I need an updated Nvidia driver to work now....that never happened before.


I think possibly Windows did something major lately.

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I was looking into it. I’m actually considering an entirely new rig and monitor. Justification for this is that the racing sims do not typically require the power that flight sims do and my current machine is fine for that. May set up this PC with my roommate as a dedicated racing rig and get a new computer for the flight sims

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