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Nov. 19 - Sunday Vintage Mission - ROF/Flying Circus Announcement Celebration!


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Salute gentlemen! We cordially invite you all to come celebrate the happy news of Rise of Flight's continued development from

Jason and the team! Years of uncertainty and doubt have been vanquished and we have much to look forward to with the

recent announcement of the Flying Circus package coming soon. This week's Sunday Vintage Mission will take us to a classic battle

in the vicinity of Roye-Montdidier, France in mid June 1918.

Historical Background:  The Battle of Noyon-Montdidier, 9-13 June 1918, was the fourth of General Erich von Ludendorff’s great

offensives of the spring and summer of 1918 that came close to breaking the Allied lines on the western front, but instead

critically damaged the fighting capacity of the German army.

The first and third of those offensives (Second Battle of the Somme and Third Battle of the Aisne) had created two giant salients

in the Allied lines. The Noyon-Montdidier offensive was designed to link these two saliants. This would straighten out the line

and potentially threaten Paris. Two German armies – the Eighteenth under General Oskar von Hutier and the Seventh under General

Max von Boehn were allocated to the attack. They were opposed by two French armies – the Third under General Georges Humbert and

the Tenth under General Charles Mangin. The French also had access to American troops, who would play a part in defeating the


The French had sufficient warning of the German attack. On 9 June the German Eighteenth Army attacked the French Third Army from

the north. Its attack was disrupted by a French counter-bombardment, but was still able to make some progress, although not on the

same scale as in the earlier offensives.

The German Seventh Army joined the offensive on 10 June, attacking the French Tenth Army from the east. This attack failed to make

any significant progress. The two armies were meant to meet at Compiègne, but only Hutier made any progress towards the


On 11 June the French and Americans launched a counter attack which pushed the Germans back from their most advanced positions. On

13 June the battle came to an end. It was a clear German failure, and was a clear sign that the German army was wearing down. It

would launch one more offensive, on the Marne in mid July, but that would soon be followed by the great Allied counterattacks that

would push the German armies back towards the French border.

Roye - June 16, 1918


Mission Start:  1800GMT  (map will be up before this, we will restart at 1800GMT)

Location: Front lines between Montdidier and Roye, south of the Somme.

Mission objectives:  Each side will be given orders every 30 mins.

The mission objectives are photo reconaissance and bombing.

Scouts units should fly offensive patrols or provide cover for the two-seaters

-Two-seaters can take off during a 10 min window, every 15 mins.

-For photo recon missions only the designated planes can trigger the photo sequence!

Take at least 10 photos.  Photo recons need to land safely at their base and hit "Finish" to complete their mission!

Winning conditions: Complete all six objectives first.  Targets may be bombed either before or after they are photographed.

A triangle pointing to the left designates the target has been photographed.

A triangle pointing to the right means the target has been destroyed

Weather report: Cloud base at 1200m. Wind 2 m/s, from the north

Good luck all pilots and observers!

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