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FIF 2017 "Fall Campaign" - Session B4 (Saturday, 16 December 2017)


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The FIF 2017 "Fall Campaign" has come to an end, and in the most epic way possible!
After eight weeks of bloody air combat, the Blue Team and the Red Team have each managed to win one Phase.  Thus, the Fall Campaign for Flanders In Flames 2017 ends in stalemate!
While this may not sound exciting, it actually is.  The two teams have done their best to gain air superiority over the fields of France.  There have been exceptional feats of skill and teamwork on both sides.  Aces have risen, and aces have fallen.  And yet, both teams have been found to be equal.


So, let us lift our glasses filled with our favorite libations and toast our virtual opponents.  Salute!
To celebrate the conclusion of the Fall Campaign, here is the FIF campaign ribbon.
Blue for the Blue Team.  Red for the Red Team.  And white to signify the ending of virtual hostilities as we approach the New Year.


Large version:
Small version:


And as always, thank you to every pilot who flew!
Without your continued support, this tournament would not be able to function!
To show our appreciation, every pilot who has flown in an official mission during the Winter, Spring or Fall campaigns of FIF 2017 has earned the right to wear the FIF 2017 medal.



Congratulations everyone!  You've earned it!

The scores for Session B4 are shown below.
. . .

FIF 2017 "Fall Campaign" - B4 Results (Saturday, 16 December 2017):
Blue (Entente) Objectives Completed: 16

  • Destroyed Central Factory
  • Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed
  • Reconnaissance of Front Lines (Trench Map) Completed
  • Destroy Tanks at Factory
  • HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed
  • Destroyed Central Bridge
  • Destroyed Central Aerodrome
  • Central General Captured
  • Destroyed Central HQ
  • Entente Prisoner Rescued
  • Trench Attack Completed
  • Reserve Unit Destroyed
  • HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed
  • Moving Central Ship Destroyed
  • Wreath Drop Completed
  • Front Line Unit Destroyed

Red (Central) Objectives Completed: 15

  • Espionage Completed
  • Artillery Correction (Arty Spotting) Completed
  • HQ Reconnaissance (HQ Recon) Completed
  • Destroyed Entente Aerodrome
  • Entente Train Destroyed
  • Destroyed Entente Factory
  • Destroyed Entente Bridge
  • Central Prisoner Rescued
  • Destroyed Entente HQ
  • Strategic Recon Completed
  • Espion Target Destroyed
  • Reserve Unit Destroyed
  • Front Line Unit Destroyed
  • Off-Road Entente Convoy Destroyed
  • HQ Recon Secondary Objective Completed

Total "Phase B" Objectives Completed (PHASE B FINAL): 
Blue Team = 12 + 13 + 9 + 16 = 50 = 0 PHASE POINT
Red Team = 15 + 14 + 14 + 15 = 58 = 1 PHASE POINT

Total "Phase A" Objectives Completed (PHASE A FINAL):
Blue Team = 16 + 16 + 16 + 14 = 62 = 1 PHASE POINT
Red Team = 5 + 8 + 14 + 12 = 39 = 0 PHASE POINT

. . .
Server Stat Information: http://fif.jg1.org/mission/5854/
. . .
Server Screenshots:

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