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The issue with the DSD board is it has rotary encoders. Not knowing much about inputs I thought it would be good for radiators in BOS but that isn't how encoders work. For those who don't it works like a switch one click right is one input one click left is another. So to open a radiator that has one click is 1% its 100 clicks to open fully. Its faster to hold a button down. Or use an axis.


I need an acronym glossary   ^_^


But I'm keeping it because outside of combat it can come in handy for the RSI-6K and the K-7 ARC-5 in the Mig-15.


Or the ARK-10, RSBN and the PRGM in the Mig-21


Not to mention the FUG 16ZY in the Dora and Kurfürst. :P

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