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I'm sorry that you're having such troubles.


Could you send me the link to the jpg image you're trying to post?


I can then try it out, and see what happens.


As I've said before, the bmp thing is a known issue.  I can't even get them to work.  But jpgs should work no problem.


You have nothing on your forum account that limits your ability to hotlink images from dropbox or another file hosting website.


We'll squash this eventually.

Hey Klai,

Don't worry, it's not really a big deal to me... just an annoyance. Here's the link to the small .jpg:


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I tried it on two accounts.  My main one, which has admin access.  And a second one I created.  Both worked.


I'm linking the image like this:

Could you try this, and let me know if it works?  If it doesn't, then we have a bigger problem.
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