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The first sortie from our flying yesterday


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Great video! It amazes me how you can enter a furball like that and maintain the correct balance of agression and caution to stay alive. 3 kills and only slight damage to your own plane is really impressive! And you brought it back to base. Well done!


When I was in the fight, I tended to get target fixated and a little confused by the chaos and - before I knew it - the SPAD with balloon guns had me wounded and fairly damaged. I had to bug out. Still a lot for me to learn! :)

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I recorded some video starting later.  I'll try to upload it soon and post it.  I really had a lot of fun flying with Hotlead, Barton, Raz, Vic, and Maus, and others.  In the end, I didn't do too well (4 kills, but 3 deaths), but honestly, In a couple of fights I was alone (at least for a while) against 3 or so enemies; then the last death was an unfortunate accident.


I was very confident flying with you all....which you inspire.


Again, a LOT of fun!



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