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Weapon mods reminder


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S! All



The Dry run went fairly well. We discovered some glitches and they have been changed.  Mostly subtitles.



We did have several people in Rolands with twin rear guns. This is not allowed.   Please remember to check weapons mods when getting into the mission. Rolands only get a single rear gun.



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6 pilots flew with illegally modded weapons on Saturday's mission (FIF 2018 "Winter Campaign" - Session B3 - Saturday, 3 March 2018).


Our tournament rules regarding modded aircraft are clearly posted: http://forum.jg1.org/topic/5457-fif-2018-winter-campaign-plane-modifications/


I will be contacting each of these pilots directly, and giving them one warning.


If this happens again, I'm going to start treating this a full rules violation of the tournament, and start banning people for a mission-night.  From there, the penalties will get more severe.


Please check your load-outs before you take off!

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I think it might be useful to point out to all participants very clearly that FiF basically doesn't allow ANY weapons mods AT ALL, except in very rare and specific cases that are clearly identified.


In other words, if you have any kind of weapons mods at all, you're almost guaranteed to be wrong; and since the few mods that are allowed are not REQUIRED, you're far better off to lack one, as opposed to carrying one you're not supposed to have.


Since it's hard to imagine that you wouldn't realize you were carrying a completely different kind of armament at some point early in your flight, an accidental oversight should be dealt with by immediately RTB, before coming into contact with any enemy and subsequently having an effect on the session; certainly you would never purposely engage anybody.

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