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Wing Walkers on Tues.


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Those of us who have flown with the Wing Walkers on Tuesday night all agree that it's a lot of fun and I encourage other BOx pilots to join in.


JG1 has a long history with WW and I think it would be mutually advantageous to re-kindle that relationship. Both squads have a lot to learn from each other and both have experience with tournament play. 


So, join us on Tuesday night.


Since this is in the public forum I'm not posting their TS addy but it can be found in Oesau here:



Here's Geezer's last correspondence with me:


We are running the first of what I think will be a long term campaign using PWCG ( Pat Wilsons Campaign Generator).  The server will be password protected because it is a straight up COOP with flights and assignments.  Will probably run this type of mission once a month


Any JG1 folks are welcome to join, we are all flying from the German side.  I can post the map and password here if that is what is most convenient


Tuesday  Jan 30th 

6:30 Pacific ( 6:00 warm up)




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Unless something changes we should be flying a Vanderstock COOP this Tuesday Feb 6th.  We have a meeting from 5:30 to 6:00 (PST), will put a warm up mission and the server up, but should start the real mission by 6:15.


No password

Icons off 

Everyone is flying German (but there is an open Russian base if you prefer flying OpFor)

Should have some more specific orders by Monday night


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Salute JG1!!


Was nice having you gentlemen flying with us this evening.  Always good to fly with professionals :)


Like Geezer said, we're flying each Tuesday, different types of missions on a rotating basis. Still have a bunch of missions that the mission tweaker guys will be fixing up for us, once done we'll slide them into the rotation as well.


I guess we could throw it out that JG1 has enough pilots flying with us that we could probably work together to determine your own flight with it's own specific objectives.  Don't to keep you shackled in my poor flight all the time, we don't always seem to survive our sorties :)


We usually will have a mission brief ready by Sunday evening, made up by either Geezer or myself, we'll make sure we get it posted up here for you guys to peruse beforehand.  None of this stuff is written in stone, so if you have any suggestions to make the missions objectives more achievable, let us know.


If any of you are interested in how you did, mission stats and sortie info can be found here http://wingwalkers.game-host.org:8050/en/




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Will be running the same mission this week ( since we got a spanked on the first sortie) on Tuesday at 6:15 PST.    I believe Craven has added a JG1 channel to our TS so we can add a fourth group for the mission.


Also lots of folks felt the AAA was too rough, so used some of my annual budget to send up a recon plane to take a few photos, thought I would post that here as well.  (At least now if you get shot in the face you will know where it was coming from!).


No Password, all JG1 gents welcome to join.




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Salute JG1 pilots!!


Orders added, very similar to last week's approach, major difference;

Red flight with JG1 as escort will head out minimum 5 minutes prior to Gold & Blue departure. That should give us enough time to stir things up. If Red survives and clears the factory complex, we'll move onto the airfield and have a go at the base AA.

Second change, Blue flight will move into target area ahead of the bombers when 5 minutes from target, give yourselves a chance to kill everything or drag them away from the factory.

For Griph & Gold

Sat Feb 10, 2018 2:55 pm
I wonder whether it might make sense for Gold flight to head in first, from the north, before the enemy has woken up, so to speak. Red and Blue flights could be ready near to engage any fighter resistance and also attack AAA and other ground targets of opportunity as Gold begins the target run.

It seems to me that if Red flight heads in first, the bombers are flying into a hornet's nest that's been stirred already, and they don't have a lot of leeway since the targets are where they are and so that's where they have to fly.

Option, if the previous flights have not managed to clear out the AA and EA, you have the option to divert and hit the Objective C ships, or even, stand off and wait for the second wave of suicidal nuts from Red, Blue and JG1 to come back for a return engagement.


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Here's a link to the little tutorial Sittingduck put together for us https://youtu.be/47YC8N-DGwk, works like a charm.


Wow, that it pretty cool; at first I was thinking "how is this any different than setting up a whisper channel?"  But then I saw that you actually are switching into that channel, which is great from a commander standpoint.  I'm definitely going to set this up for Rise of Flight, Flanders in Flames.  Thanks for the info!    :)

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