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S! All,


I hope that everyone has been enjoying the "Winter Campaign" of FIF 2018!  


I had a few rule reminders that I wanted to post as we move forward into the second half of Phase A.


Firstly, everyone should make sure to double and triple check their weapons modifications before they hit fly!  Here are the approved mods:




It's very important that everyone note that all bombers should be using the single rear turret.  The only exception to this rule is the F.E.2b (which needs the extra oomph).  All commanders should be aware of this rule, and they should be making sure that their pilots are aware of this rule.


Secondly, FIF is built on trust and friendship.  And it's important that we avoid a "win-at-all-cost" attitude that often plagues online events.  There have been increased reports of "ramming".  And while these instances were more than likely unintentional hits (due to lag spikes and heightened combat), let's make every effort to be respectful of our opponents, and try to avoid collisions if possible. If collisions do happen, please make sure to apologize and be gracious.  I would hate to get involved in a dispute of this kind.


Finally, everyone should be aware of our refly rules.  This goes without saying.  And it's all I'll say on this topic.  I do check the stats.  Be aware of this.


Should anyone have an concerns, please PM me directly.



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