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This is my first time using DCG so I have some questions.


1. I flew the first mission of a DCG campaign and noticed that it had 'new' clouds. I prefer the 'old' clouds and that is how my conf is set. So, the DCG must have changed this setting (not permanently, because my conf file was untouched after the mission). Where in DCG can I set the clouds to 'old'?


2. In DCG there is a 'Generate Mission' button. When you click on it a mission is generated and described in a box below the button. What is this mission? Can I play it? I tried looking in the game for it but could not find it. Where is the location of this generated mission?



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There's nothing in DCG to change your cloud settings. I cannot tell you why this occurred. Hopefully someone else may post as to why.


As for the "Generate Mission" button, in many of the game modes, it is completely unnecessary to press this button. If you replace DGen or NGen, for example, you need never press this button. It's only for the "older" modes. Where the mission files gets generated is to where ever your current campaign is being created. If it's a campaign from NGen or DGen replacement modes, you can see the path to the mission folder in the bottom left of DCG.


BTW, in those cases, it's actually over-writing the mission that was generated at the end of the last one you finished....

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