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Had Fun Last Thursday


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Hello all,


I flew on the Cuban server with a few of you last Thursday against some of the 103rd gents. It was a really good time, and it got me thinking that I should try to get a hold of some of the more active Rise of Flight groups to see what events are available.


I am a member of Air Combat Group, but I have held a Friday night coop campaign for a period, but I think my guys would be more interested in flying sone events such as this rather than solely against AI. We primarily fly WWII birds, but I have a soft spot for RoF, and I am anxiously awaiting Flying Circus!


I have known vaguely about your group through Barton's YouTube channel, and it's a real shame he's had to step away for now. Also, I stumbled on your Thursday night fly ins because of HotLead's posts in the RoF Facebook group.


I hope to see you guys soon, and I am definitely interested in the FiF events you do, and I am hoping to get some of my guys to join in from time to time as well.




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Hi Shadepiece, thanks for stopping by and saying hello!


I'm sorry that I didn't get the chance to fly with you last week.


If you're interested in ROF events, you should definitely check out the Flanders In Flames tournament that we run every Saturday.




We're always looking for more pilots.  And it may be just the thing to get some people in ACG interested in WW1.



Definitely consider joining us!

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