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Moxy - Cubic Mini Woodstove


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First of all, I can't relate to the "tiny house prepper" concept. I'm a hoarder, from a long line of hoarders, and a prepper, and it is impossible to combine "hoarder", "prepper" and "tiny house", unless you have a "bunker", which would be cheating, and would probably draw the attention of the "FBI".


The next thing is, I noticed in the video that he has a fan on top of the stove to scavenge heat from the flue pipe. You can't have it both ways: flue temps hot enough to prevent creosote, while still getting every possible thermal unit out of the stove. Honestly, despite all his thought and efforts, the guy doesn't seem to get it. Gotta run the whole system hot, or it will clog up. With a wood stove, you are going to waste heat, there's no practical way around it. Funny that people kept giving him grief about green wood, but nobody mentioned the fan?


Also, if the stove were properly designed, he wouldn't need to offset the chimney to keep chimney-cleaning-debris from falling into his secondary-burn chamber. My stove has a flap-valve to allow either a direct line from the fire box to the chimney (good when starting the fire), or into the secondary-burn chamber. When cleaning the chimney, with the valve open, the debris just falls into the fire box. No mess, no fuss.


Wood stoves are what they are: inefficient, old-tech polluters, spitting out carbon and particulates at criminal proportions. Global Warming is real, we humans causing it, it's going to result in untold suffering and death and cost trillions of dollars to correct if we don't get on it right now; and I love my wood stove. In my old 2,000 sq.ft. house, can't even use it if the outside temp is above 45 degrees F, because if I run it hot enough to keep the flue clear, it gets too hot in the main room, even with the central air blower spreading the heat to the rest of the house. I don't run it often, but I wouldn't want to be without it. During a power outage (we have them often here, thanks to lots of tall trees), we can keep the house comfortable in a winter storm, cook on it, heat water for washing. Next to stored water, food, meds, and arms, it's my most prized possession.


All said, that little Cubic Mini stove is nice if it's all you have room for in your RV; reminds me of my Solo Stove, a wood-burning camp stove. Really like it. Runs on kindling. Clean burning. Check it out. No, I don't work for them, I just like it.















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