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Hotlead's MFG Crosswind Countdown !


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Haha! Milan's website said that the delivery date for new orders would be February 20 when I ordered. I have yet to receive a notification that the pedals are ready and awaiting payment however. Also considering that they come from Croatia, I assume I'll be unpacking them around early March. I'll keep you posted!  B)

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If you're unhappy with the spring tension adjustment range, it's possible to change the spring to one with a different wire diameter and/or different winding diameter (same length).  Many good hardware stores stock a wide variety of springs, and they don't cost much.  You can take your original spring with you for comparison.


I changed mine out for a lighter spring.  For centering, I used the most defined cam profile available.  I found the center detent action much less defined than what I was used to.  You get accustomed to the new feel with time, of course.


The amount of travel lock-to-lock is a lot.  I set the pedal width to less than the full width.  It still provides a LOT of accuracy, but gives you somewhat faster rudder response that way.


The physical adjustability of the MFG's is awesome!


Also, the DIView software is great, too.  You can see ALL of your controllers (even keyboard and mouse) actions, for testing and analysis.  Also it is cool that the Crosswinds apparently never need any kind of calibration, as far as I can tell.  I think that might be because they use Hall Effect sensors instead of potentiometers.  They just work perfectly, all of the time.....at least for me, in RoF.



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I had to recalibrate them in DIView after my move, because they felt a little off. Opened up DIView and boom 30 seconds later they were recalibrated, and I've never had any issues since except when I had to open them up and replace my brake sensors. My dog decided that they were in the way of his ball haha! Anyway Milan shipped the sensors very quickly, and I was able to put them in no problem.

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