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  • Gaming name is Sturtz  .... My real name is Kurt Stanley

What is your Timezone? = Central

Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? = Yes

Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? = Yes

Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? = Yes

What sims are you currently flying? = ROF

How did you hear about JG1? = JG1_Hotlead

Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? = I've been involved in online combat flight sims for years. Helped beta test the first IL-2 series. Had the honor of being C.O. for IV/JG51 Mölders four years.  Flew mainly German planes throughout my online career. Was also a squadron member in Aces High and Dawn Of Aces WWI simulators. Have been real life pilot as well. I get along well with others and can follow orders. I also have a sense of humor and don't get too upset very often. 

           Thank you for the opportunity to enlist in your Jagdgeschwader  .






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Thank you for looking over my application to your virtual jagdgeschwader . 

I have carefully read the Dicta Jagdgeschwader of JG 1.  I agree 100% with these rules and will follow JG 1's  regulations.

Looking forward to hearing your decision mien Kommander .


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