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JG-1 Recruitment Application


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  • What is your Timezone? CET (Germany)

Do you have a joystick or HOTAS? Thrustmaster T.16000M and Thrustmaster Throttle and Rudder Pedals

Do you have TeamSpeak installed, as well as a working microphone? Both TeamSpeak and Discord. Got a Klim Headset

Do you have TrackIR, or a FreeTrack system for view control? TrackIR 4

What sims are you currently flying? DCS, Il-2 Clod and ROF (But only regularly DCS)

How did you hear about JG1? ED Forums (MiG-21 checklist)

Is there anything else that you'd like us to know? Are there german Geschwader as well or is it all mixed?

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Hi Fresco,




JG1 is an international squadron, so we have pilots from all over the world.


Our largest European contingent (called Jasta 6 in Rise of Flight, and I./JG 1 and III./JG 1 in IL-2) is from Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  They regularly fly during CET hours, especially on Thursdays.  Some of them speak English, and a few speak German too.  However, most of their practices are held in Czech and Slovakian.


We do have other European pilots, attached to our North American group (Jastas 11, 10, and 4 in Rise of Flight and II./JG 1 within IL-2).  They are from Austria, Norway, and Portugal.  In order to accommodate their timezones, we've been trying to group English-speaking European pilots together.


Most of our current DCS activities (JG-1 "Fritz Schmenkel") are happening in North American timezones.  However, again, we do have European members who jump on when they can.


We're definitely interested in becoming a stronger European unit.  So, it would be great to talk to you about joining.  You could definitely help us do this.  However, it's important that I'm honest with you regarding everyone's timezones and the potential language barriers.


Either way, I'll send you an email today (to the address you registered with).  Looking forward to talking with you soon!

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@Klaiber: thanks dir responding so fast. Time zone might be a problem, only depending on your local training time. Language is no problem, i‘m pretty much fluent in English, this should be the last problem.

@Britchot: yeah I saw them on the forums, saw the JG-1 banner (I have family history there so I have a strong bond to the squadron and the MiG-15/21) and after a little research I found this website. Since I always wanted to join an online squadron this would be the perfect match!

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Hi Fresco,


With Jonne's application today, I'm honestly hoping that this is the start of a stronger central European group within JG-1.


My thoughts are to assign both of you to your own schwarm within 2.JS (the European jagdstaffel of JG-1).  And then try to set up Saturday DCS practice times, where both North American pilots and European pilots could meet and fly together.  That should help jump start the process of a European expansion in a natural way, giving you guys an organization to belong to, without over stressing the group.


I'll email you back and we can talk more about it. :)

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