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FIF's policy regarding cheating


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S! All,


I'd like to direct everyone's attention to J5_Baeumer's post regarding the recent cheating incidents that have happened in Rise of Flight:




The Flanders In Flames tournament (and the JG1 squadron) were involved in these discussions, and fully backs and supports this community policy.


However, FIF will not just be issuing a 1 month ban for the first offense.


Rather, anyone caught using a cheat on the FIF server will immediately receive a full "campaign ban".  This means that the pilot will be banned from FIF for both Phase A and Phase B of whatever campaign is currently ongoing (approximately 8+ weeks).  If the pilot is discovered to have cheated mid-way through a campaign, they'll be banned for the rest of the current campaign, plus all of the next campaign as well (an additional 8+ weeks).


A second offense is a permanent ban for that pilot, as well as a permanent ban for that pilot's squadron, so long as that pilot is still a member of that squadron.

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Yeah, I also would like a link to whatever OP started all this. I stopped following that forum long ago, and the response chain to the post linked above is a perfect example of why. It never ceases to amaze me that the most prolific and enduring posters there are the same ones who's motives seem to be nothing less than the destruction of RoF. It's been that way since the beginning, and they promise to continue that right into BoX, and the coming FC. What's hard to understand is why the developers undertake making sims at all, considering what they see posted on their forums, which must in their minds represent the thinking of all of us.


Anyway, it's hard to find or filter stuff there, so I'd appreciate some help. Thanks!

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Here is the original post. (I found a troll-free version lol):



It was later confirmed that GrahamshereGT and FragelGT were using the cheat, whatever it is.


Thanks, I wanted to see what their definition of "cheat" was; now I understand.


Personally I'm pretty happy that RoF is as secure as it is.  As others have said, there's nothing that will kill a sim or game faster than the revelation that players have figured out how to cheat.  The memory of RB3D is still fresh in my mind, where players could alter any aspect of any airplane's perfomance with impunity; and server ops or event organizers had little choice other than to ignore the ones who were doing it.  So at least it appears that in RoF they've figured out how to give themselves certain advantages in SA or possibly airplane controls management, they still can't change how an airplane performs....unless I'm mistaken.

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Also, I should also clarify -


If someone is caught using a cheat on any established server within ROF (be NW, J5, FIF, Cuban, etc.)  they get a period ban across all of those servers simultaneously.  1 month for all other servers.  8 to 16 weeks for FIF, depending on where we are in the campaign.  This was something that wasn't clear if my initial post, as highlighted in my conversation with BSR.


If someone is caught a second time, they're permanently banned from all established servers, and outed.  And for FIF, their squadron (if they're in one) will also held accountable for their actions, so long as they're a member of that group.

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