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If I was made of money.


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Well at least the screen as a test prototype.

Looking around the net, a cheap rear screen material is shower curtain liner.

And ironically one of my tents, is a dome of approximately the same diameter.

So using my tent as a pattern and its fiberglass poles. I should be able to create a screen

in a couple of 3 hours.


I have and old slide projector. to shine an image.


My curiosity on this, is the distortion and stretching of the image.


I just cant believe, a single projector, will give acceptable results without a convex lens or software to compensate

for the curvature of the screen.


Il try a preliminary test tomorrow. Just shining an image on my tent itself.

If the results look promising, Il make the screen.


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Yesterday, I got the chance to set up my tent, and my projector.

The results were interesting.

As I suspected, the image stretched. (of course)

Dependent on the curvature of the screen (tent) and distance of the projector.

But... Really no more than a 3 screen set up.


One of the things I paid attention to was the washing out of detail (as we depend on a single pixel)

Since I'm using film, my observations are not conclusive. But I was surprised, that even with my tent being camo green,

I was able to pick out very minute details.


As raven pointed out, rear screen projection will reverse the image, Also the tent seams created shadows (as can be seen also on the real set up)

So this got me to thinking....a dome, as ambient imaging to the monitor. Using forward projection to a dome above the monitors.

(This might be possible in eyefinity)


Obviously, I think this is pretty kool. I can see potential.

Perhaps, a business in the adult industry. And 3d!







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