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Vintage Mission Sunday - Battle of Messines June 1917 - 3/11


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The Battle of Messines - June 1917

Date: June 13, 1917

Location: Front lines south of Ypres, Flanders.

**NOTE** Balloons will flare on this map.  Upon sighting an enemy aircraft, a balloon will fire 3 white flares at 15-20sec intervals.  At

2500m the balloon will begin winching down and fire a yellow flare. At 1000m the balloon will fire a red flare to signal it is under attack.  

Balloons can be destroyed and will repair in 15min.

Mission objectives: -Each side will have 6 primary targets to destroy, indicated by a flag on the map. Before a target becomes active, it has to

be reconnoitered by making 10 photographs. The flag will then turn red. When a primary target has been destroyed, the flag will be removed from

the map. Secondary targets are any vehicle, trains or tanks and balloons in enemy territory.

-For photo recon missions only the designated planes "Recon" can trigger the photo sequence!

-Photo recons need to land safely at an active base to complete their mission!

Winning conditions: Complete all six objectives first.

Weather report: Cumulus at 400-500m. Wind 3-4 m/s, from the north. Early morning fog.

Tempurature:  15C / 59F

Good luck gentlemen!


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