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Vintage Mission Sunday - 3rd Battle of the Aisne - May 1918


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Salute gentlemen! This week's Sunday Vintage Mission will see us in the skies over the Aisne region of France in May of 1918. This map puts the

Central forces on the offense while Entente is tasked with defending territory. Once announced in game, subtitle objectives remain active for

the duration of the mission or until they are completed.

Historical Background: The Third Battle of Aisne, from 27 May-6 June 1918, comprised the final large-scale German attempt to win the war before

the arrival of the U.S. Army in France, and followed the Lys Offensive in Flanders. The focus of the offensive was the Chemin des Dames Ridge,

held by the Germans upon their retreat from the Marne in September 1914 until their ejection, at huge cost to the French, during the Nivelle

Offensive, also known as the Second Battle of the Aisne, in April 1917.

Mission Start Time: 1800GMT

Third Battle of the Aisne - Securing the Flanks

Date: May 27, 1918

Time: 15:00 (in game)

Mission objectives

Entente: Protect ground forces, Intercept enemy aircraft, reconnaissance

Central: Reconnaissance, attack enemy ground forces, bomb tactical targets. Orders will be issued in the game using subtitles. Please follow

these (note: you can't see subtitles in the hangar). Certain planes are only available when they are needed (bombers).


Contact patrol: Fly to the specific area at low altitude (1000m) in the aircraft named "Contact Recon". When over target follow subtitles.

Photo recon: Fly to the specified target at altitude (between 1250-4000 m) in the aircraft named "Recon". When directly over the target, use

camera icon to take 10 pictures.

Combat patrol: Patrol over the specified area, as marked on the map. Patrol altitude is between 1500m (intercepting low targets) and 4000m (high


Close escort: Other two-seaters can provide close escort by flying in formation with the recon plane and defend with their rear guns.

Ground attack: Low-level attacks against enemy positions, guns, vehicles and tanks.

Bomb target: Bomb the specified target from altitude because of heavy AAA near the targets.

Weather report: Light cumulus clouds at 700m, good visibility. Wind 5 m/s, from the west, 270.

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