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The Aces War


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Great that somebody took the time to make such a series.  Terrible, terrible inaccuracies though.  Fokker D.II the first fighter plane to have synchronized gun?  Albatros D.II's with V-struts?  Lanoe Hawker shot down in one quick burst, no dogfight?  Fonck's "position of dominance" attack from below and behind?  SPADs that climb non-stop straight up while rolling, up to and past their target?


They must have read books far different than the ones I've read.  Sort of makes you sure they must have known what they were perpetrating....question is, why?


Entertaining, none the less.

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Re-reading "No Parachute"  by Arthur Gould Lee, and it really is outstanding because it is actual letters he wrote at the time, with added paragraphs here and there that explain things and link them together, as well as including private diary entries that never could have gotten past the censors.


He also wrote "Open Cockpit", which encompassed a wider period of time in his WWI experiences.  I have that also, and I think it's best to read the above first, then this book second.


Both are excellent points of view from a time in which Entente planes were mostly considered inferior (like Pup vs. Alb D.III).  However, if you look at the outcomes, you wonder if the Germans had complete agreement with the opinions contained therein.  It does give great insight into how pilots from one side only saw things; and that does lead to greater understanding how squadrons in our sims that only fly one side also perceive things.


Things are often a lot more equal than they seem on the surface; and books such as these, together with my own experiences, have made me understand the big picture a lot better.

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