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Hmm... I just downloaded Historical pack 1 and double clicked and it installed fine. Maybe delete the current file and re-download? They sometimes get corrupted.


Just thought of this... do you have Steam version? I know nothing about steam version. Maybe they have to come from Steam? 

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Hi Smolders,


Does this help:








go to the steam folder find your ROF game and install it in there.




Should you not know how to find out where your game is located;
  1. In Steam right click Rise of Flight and choose Properties.
  2. Under the Local Files tab click Browse Local Files.
  3. The folder that is opened is the path you need.
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I'm no mental giant when it comes to 'pooter stuff.....I looked for the magic pixies that I thought lived inside my 'pooter to ask them, but I couldn't find them....:-( 


No worries....we can certainly provide instructions, if it's possible to do.  We'll need to hear from somebody with a Steam installation to know if it's possible.


In the mean time, here is a video that I made earlier.  It pertains to Response Curves in RoF, but it does show the basics of how to use the File Explorer in Windows to access RoF files.  This is something we could talk you through on TeamSpeak.  



The area we would be interested in is inside the "data" folder, but in a different folder (subdirectory) than the one that is shown in the video:




Again, not expecting you to understand all of this; just letting you know there are things we might be able to do.



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