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DCS World RAM issues on loading


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This is very good information.  I'm glad that they've finally posted on this.


I've got 16gb of RAM on a computer that was built in November 2016.  I have massive problems getting into 104th.


What is everyone else working with?


I guess map makers are going to have to adapt until ED are able to somehow deal with this issue.

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Another 16GB on the way to my computer.  Picked up the exact same RAM for the exact same price 4.5 years later...  I thought these things were supposed to go down in price :huh:


I find that it goes up.  The best prices seem to be on what's the most popular, right now.  Older types, they know they have you; you're stuck needing a specific type for your older motherboard.  They jack the price up.   -_-

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