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DCG acknowledging kilss but does not count them


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I've been flying the HSFX 4.12 DCG 3.49 stock Tobruk41 campaign.

This makes for some stunning night and dawn missions (especially with Redko's retextured maps).


I'm early in this campaign and this was the first time there was a large scale dogfight. I managed my first 2 kills of the campaign.

On the return leg my wife needed me, so I ended the mission there and pushed apply.


I checked the roster before closing the game down and noticed that I still had 0 kills behind my name. I definitely got the 'aircraft destroyed' message twice during the mission and read the 'MrWhite shot down a hurricane' message twice again in the debrief.


Has anybody else have this happen? My ego needs stroking dammit.

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If you haven't already, try turning "instant success" on.


And if it did say you shot down a couple Hurricanes, you can always manually add them to your score through the Pilot Editor (just click your pilot's name on the Squadron Editor tab).


BTW, DCG does not officially support HSFX 4.12.  It's possible HSFX may do some minor thing in the format of the log which could be messing up DCG's tally of kills.  Hopefully someone with some knowledge of HSFX can chime in.

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Thanks for the help and your continuing support of DCG of course.


Instant success is already on.

It seems I'll be adjusting it with the pilot editor.


Will adjusting my pilot's kill count in the editor be purely cosmetic or will it be counted for awards and promotions?

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