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Uninstalled DCG, still bugging


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Uncheck under "Mode" the options "Full Auto Generation" and "Replace Career Generator (Dgen)" and under "Files"

the "Optional Third party Data folder" option! Delete IL2DCG folder (except the third party campaigns) and delete the "dcg.ini" in Il-2 Sturmovik main folder!

Then it should work!

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As Lonestar said. It sounds like you failed to uncheck the replace modes for DGen (and maybe NGen) before deleting DCG.


If what he said doesn't work, you can delete DGEN.EXE and/or NGEN.EXE from your main IL-2 folder. Then copy and paste the DGEN_BAK.EXE and NGEN_BAK.EXE files and rename them DGEN.EXE and NGEN.EXE.


Of course, if you don't have one or either of these BAK (backup files) don't delete the matching one!!!

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