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New user coming across a few issues


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Maybe I just don't understand how DCG works but I've run accross a few issues running vanilla (no mods) 1946.


1) The USN Tulagi campaign always starts in the Air. I haven't gotten a mission to start on a carrier.


2) all escort missions show as mission completed before even starting my engine. Not a huge deal since instant success is off but still weird to see.


3) massive amounts of units take off at the same time from the same airfield. This causes a mission to take upwards of 15 minutes for all units to take off and get into formation before even heading toward the first waypoint.


4) because of the above it takes forever for units to land as they all have to go around. Units don't land one after another. With 10+ planes trying to land it can become a mess.


5) this may be historically accurate but I'm not sure. On escort missions there's 2-3x more fighters than bombers. It seems like over kills for a bombing mission. Shouldn't bombers fully out number escorts?


6) the readme wasn't very descriptive about what some options in DCG operate. Is there a more fully fleshed out manual somewhere?



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In addition to the readme, there is an Installation and Settings Instructions text file that gives more detail.  Once upon a time, I had a website with a lot more info but my provider "retired" and I didn't have the time/resources to rebuild it elsewhere.


From some of your descriptions, (starting in the air for the Tulagi campaign and large number of units taking off at the beginning of the mission and the traffic jams landing) it sounds like you've got the settings ramped right up.  Even though there is a "Full" squadron density setting, I don't recommend using it.  Dial it back to "Heavy" on the "General Campaign Panel".


The other thing to check is under the "Options" menu is that "Air Starts"  and "Delayed Start Times" are both checked.  The first will put some squadrons already in the air (and some even approaching their targets); but not the player's squadron.  The second will delay the spawning of others until after the first wave has taken off.


Hopefully this helps a bit to improve your experience.

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Boom. Air starts is what I was missing. I assumed it meant the player starts in the air. I'll also try ramping down the squadrons.


Thanks a lot for to reply. I can't wait to try this out now with the to modpack I just installed.

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