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Cuban's server stats

IRFC Hawkeye

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Hopefully Cuban will see this.  Kind of wondering why "Jagdgeschwader 1" doesn't show up in the list at Stats>Squads in the server stats.  I have a feeling ours isn't the only one.  The only ones that show up are J2 and J5.  At first it seemed like we hadn't taken the necessary steps to register as a squad, but I found our squad via other links; so we're signed up under Klaiber, we just don't show up in the list via the stats pull-down menu.   :huh:

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S! Guys.


    We noticed that we aren't getting listed either. Talking about it last week during Cuban's Vintage mission when he popped into the server so we asked. He doesn't really have an answer. J2_Steve is the one who actually works on the parser for Cuban, and he is away for the time being.


  It looks to me like J2 is the only squad that is getting counted,(and I don't think they are complete either). I do notice that when I access a J2 pilots page,(J2_Adam for example), I also see a link to the J2 squad page. I don't see that with J5, JG1 or other pilots. 

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Sorry gents, the stats are all black magic to me.  I informed J2_SteveF about this issue but he's a bit at a loss as to why it's happening. The other individual stats seem fine.  He's dealing with a RL issue at the moment but will revisit it again soon.  Thanks for bringing it to our attention and as always thanks for flying S!

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