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FiF spring 2018 glitch

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S! All


I had a report from BaronVonMyakin that the Spy would not give a secondary after he was picked up.


I checked in the mission editor and all looked well. Nothing changed since the last FiF.  I flew a practice mission, picked up the Spy and the tight lipped little bas*&&^^rd would not tell me anything.


The target selection logic has several back ups and repeaters built in. It may be over complex. It may not be able to execute everything within one game cycle. 


The General Capture secondary works on a different logic.  I grabbed this pattern and used it for the Spy.  I do not like making changes during a tournament because there is always the chance of creating a new problem. I have tested this over eight times and it has worked every time.  I have replaced the practice mission with this new version.


Sorry for the glitch.

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S! All



After the update, the config file was reset. I changed the traffic limit so there was no huge lag issue but I forgot to change the chat log.  No log means no parser stats.



Just shoot me.



So, that means I didn't get viciously murdered by that crazed killer Luftritter?   Whew! What a relief, it was all just a bad dream...    :D



4 ~S!~

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That, and another lucky Alb one mysteriously appeared under the Christmas tree a few years ago. Later, I got a SPAD one on a Birthday; and I always have my Dawn Patrol shirt from Dayton, way back in the RB3D days.


Unfortunately nobody remembers exactly where they came from, except for the one from Wright-Patt. Maybe that's why they have serious Ju-Ju :)

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