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Raz - Updated VR Settings Information


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Without firing up steam VR I think I'm around 1.5 in BoX with 90fps still messing around with settings to get good frames a  great vis. There is an update coming to fix the IPD of the Vive Pro in BoX. It may be the reason why my runways look wider and shorter.


Now DCS looks good but I have to dial everything back to get good FPS still messing with that. Caucasus map is at 90 but Normandy runs like garbage. I think if we cut the hedge groves down it should run better. :)

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Here you go Lip.




Steam VR 130% 150% on Application still messing with that a bit.


Also I go into my Startup.cfg and turn bloom off. HDR turns it on. Everytime I make a change it gets turned back on so I need to keep an eye on it.


I get 90 FPS offline I may drop to 70ish near the ground.


DCS on the other hand still WIP.

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