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UP mod problem


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Do you have IL-2 1946 through Steam?


Either way, start IL-2 with UP3 RC4 enabled.


When the IL-2 Selector pops up (which it should before game launch), click on Change Settings.


Make sure your Game Type is Ultrapack 3.


Make sure your RAM usage is 512MB.


And make sure the following four things are checked.


*Exit Selector when IL-2 Quits

*6DoF / TrackIR enabled

*Expert Mode (I know what I'm doing!)

*4GB Address Space.


Then save settings and try again.


If that doesn't work, let us know.


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I think it definitely has something to do with the mod - like you're missing a piece of it or something.


Not completely sure, however.


Just make sure to bring your game to 4.101m and then install the UP3 and then install the RC4 Hotfix.


Hopefully that works.

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I was over at the Ultra pack forum and found another unfortunate soul having the same problem.


I remembered something about the last time I loaded up the mod and had this problem. Spies had me send him the whole directory via TS and he compared my files with his, after which he had me delete a file I had in my directory which he appartently didn't. I thought it was an SDS file, but I didn't find one in my new install. OH yeah, I downloaded the mod again and still have the problem.

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I did find this link, which might be helpful:




Somehow your soundsetting is something other than 44.1KHz, and this is somehow screwing everything else. I personally have never been able to reproduce this crash. But know about it anyway, Access your sound settings through the IL2Setup.exe , or IL2SET.exe in your game folder. This seems to apply only to old UI installations anyway. One of those "funny little spies"


You should double check this.

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The 4.10 patch contains all the previous patches' date=' right? My IL2 1946 disc is the 4.07 version.[/quote']


That's the problem :) You need to install all the individual updates for each version

You need to do a clean 4.07 installation from the disc

and then patch the game to 4.08m -> 4.09m -> 4.10 -> 4.10.1 -> UP3 -> UP3 RC4


Let me know if you need help finding the patches.

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Yep that was it.


Just an FYI, Mission for Today's links for most of the patches are dead ends. The 4.09 in international form is hard to find, File front has only the RU, as far as I could see anyway. In the end I D/Led 4.09 from SimHQ, slow, but it's the international version. Kind of peaves me off that UbiSoft doesn't have them archieved. Much time spent a searching.

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