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RoF update


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S! All


There is a small update for RoF. Something to do with privacy? Uhmmm Hello Komrad !! !Da!!



After you update it will ask you for your email and PW.  Then... You will have to reset your graphics settings and.... You will have to go to the tools area and under general, select Joy Stick. Mouse is the default. Boy does that screw things up.


An update that fixes nothing at this late date...............why bother?


Many thanks to J30 Von Hammer for finding this,

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I have had 4 or 5 of these in the last week+  something about everyone changing something regarding security.... so someone must have cracked the universal code on something and now everyone is reacting. I have seen it from all types of programs. 

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Some people have experienced a specific error.  It will say "side by side configuration is incorrect".   It means you are missing a Micro Soft redistributable file.




This is a link to missing  MS redistributable files.  Do not click on the big blue sign that says download. It is the blue text line underneath it.


After installing it, everything was fine.    https://www.npackd.org/p/com.microsoft.VisualCPPRedistributable/9.0.21022.8



Other crazy things,


When you first start the game you will need to reset your graphic settings.


Log in with your email and pw


Immediately go to settings in the game and select joystick.  Mouse is default and it really gets weird.


It may reset your center head view position.


It may reset your programmed keys on your joy stick.


Your response curves may be set to "All Planes".



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I had also issues, thanks Butzz for pointing this out; if I would have detected that tomorrow evening only it would have cost me probably 15 minutes valuable Mission time to sort it all out!


As I was warned now I made a screenshot of my graphic config to adjust all settings properly in only 1 Minute and I did also check my Input Settings and the views. 


For me the key- and button-assignments were not really changed by the update , but I had the issue like sometimes after a RoF-Crash: The Joystick was this time detected as Joy-1, while a control-bindings were set on Joy-0... meanwhile I have the settings saved for both versions, so with a simple load of the correct input-file this was also an easy fix.


My center views as far as I checked (in Halb, DFW, VII and VIIF) had no issue


Many thanks again for the hint, really very appreciated!

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I had the problem and I thank Butzzell for the solution.


My theory is that many, if not most people already had the needed files (some version of Microsoft visual C++) because they got them through one or more other game installations.


I only have RoF, so whatever version they required for the last update, is all I had.


Exactly as Butzzell said, whatever was required for the game update to work, should have been included in the update.

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Will update later tonight. If there is major complications to be cautious about I will wait till I hear from Luftritter. In fact since I've not read all about this since returning from vacation I know I'll wait now. 


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