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Bodenplatte Early Access is out


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I see the Spitfire with "invasion stripes" and I have to wonder if that is how it will appear in the game?  Really?  D-Day invasion stripes ..... ???  Not to mention that those stripes were ordered off the Allied planes within 2 weeks of the landings.... or approximately 6 months before Bodenplatte took place... more specifically... the top side surfaces were ordered repainted...  referenced "Thunderbolt From Seversky to Victory"  WideWing publications, 1st edition 11/1/94.  The author goes on to reference the rarity of the photograph he displayed of a P-47 with the topside markings in place and challenged the reader to find wartime pics of aircraft with them since the envelope is so small.  I started looking and was impressed that compared to other pictures, those with topside markings are not common..... and YET....   EVERY airshow seems to show mustangs and others with stripes...  I *never* understood the fascination and chalked it up to aircraft owners trying to do something to make their aircraft more attractive....


Dude....  if you are flying a vintage warbird, and no one notices....     stripes ain't gunna help none.


Bonus points.....   did you know that there was a pilot in Manfred's Jasta named Bodenplatte? I always wondered if there was a connection. 


OH well....   FWIW..... the history books talk about this GRAND PLAN to support the Ardennes Offensive with this massive buildup of aircraft.... but according to Dolpho Galland he had been hiding away aircraft building up a large force with the intent to attack a bomber stream with totally overwhelming superiority in numbers for the purpose of inflicting enough casualties in a single mission to give the Allied bomber command reason to reconsider their attacks. Remember that Albert Speer was increasing fighter production each month until the very end of the war.  Galland never expected to stop the bombing, but he hoped that he could deliver a single punch to the nose of the Allied planners to buy a little time and there fore increase his numbers further.  Desperate times called for desperate measures. When it was discovered that these fighters existed, Hitler immediately ordered that they be used in a counter attack which resulted in the operation. It was not well planned nor executed and while destroying a significant number of allied aircraft, it principally only decreased the fighter population and allowed a few more pilots to be captured by American and British forces and possibly avoid being sent to the Russians. Even that failed to work when the USAAF turned over German pilots known to have flown in Russia to the Russian Army who sent them back to mother Russia for years to sit and wait to be released.

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