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Scoured the forums and couldn't locate anything advising if we are signed up for this event. I noticed on the ROF forum that registration is open until 18 April..


If we're going to participate I would greatly appreciate being included in the roster. Thanks in advance!

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S! All



Last year this was an exciting event. It was the first real RoF online tournament. They showed that it can be done.


Those that want to participate should sign up soon.



Official Registration Portal



Be sure to follow the instructions carefully. Remember to sign up for their forums. This will give you access to the information needed, similar to what was used for FiF.



I listed that I would be available for all missions all day every day. Yes, I am a glutton for punishment. This is a great way to have fun in RoF and meet a lot of people.



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I followed directions at the Jasta 5 Bloody April registration portal exactly. After filling out registration it took me to the Jasta 5 forums. I filled it out as asked inlcuding the BA "BA_JG1_Stachl_J10" unfortunately this failed and gave me this message "Sorry, but that e-mail address is already registered to a user.

Sorry, but this username has already been taken." I've never registered there before, especially with the 'BA' designation.


Butzzell, if you were able to register would you please inform the folks at Jasta 5 that I would like to take part in Bloody April but, with the above problem, I can't get onto the forums and I don't know if I'm registered. Thanks.



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Stachl, I also received similar errors, it did finally go through and I did get my confirmation of registration to the Jasta 5 forums. I would just PM the admin there.


This looks to be quite an event and it looks like more squads will be participating. I quote one of the admins from the J5 forum regarding this years BA.


" In addition to last years participants and old friends from various units, including but not limited to:









and others I can't recall off the top of my head (my apologies).


...we e are also very pleased to welcome the following units to Bloody April for the first time this year!




Ukrainian Alliance




I'll try to keep it updated as time allows. Please forgive me if your unit is not listed above and should be.


Please have a look around and stay tuned for more information following the conclusion of registration."


End quote...

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Gentlemen, I registered w/o any problem and received my confirmation message.


A question: will each pilot have to fly the recon/spotting missions?? If so I'll have to start learning how to do those missions.


If anyone has some insight on how these missions are flown I would greatly appreciate that advice!!

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I have a practice mission for the Recon component that I can upload to the TS file server. Maybe its already posted, I don't know. The Recon component is a bit more complex for the specific campaign I will have to go back and look at what Buttzell posted in regard. The practice mission is a start never the less.



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Ok, thanks. I did get some sort of confirmation which I'll try.


Yes this event is looking like it might be quite interesting. I don't particularly like the Alb DIII (you can really get into trouble in it what with all the parts falling off and if you do get into a spin it is really hard to get out of), but I'm looking forward to this anyway!

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I uploaded the Recon Practice Mission to the Chateau file server on TS. You unzip and the entire folder into your Mission folder in ROF. You can select the mission from the Mission menu at the Main RoF screen. Then just click on Practice Mission and select the appropriate one and follow the directions from there.


Let me know or someone else if you have any technical issues about where to put the folder.


Have fun1

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