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FiF Map


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Hope this helps.


Most of the icons are self explanatory... Factory looks like a factory (but can also note the target for our artillery and could also be a strategic recon target), bridge looks like a bridge, airfield has planes in it. The "Eyebrow" can be either a prison for the prisoner rescue or a trench attack point.


There are multiples of all of these.


You have to note the active ones which are announced by text overlay in the main screen which repeat about every 5 mins... "Artillery 1 is Active" "Factory 2 is Active" (or words to that affect).


I highly recommend a notepad or some other method of recording this info at the start and also to add as secondary targets, the location of the HQs (ours and theirs) and which missions have been accomplished is announced... saves you going to a target that's already dead.


I admit that I don't always scrupulously record everything... especially when an enemy is on my ass.  



Oh, and to answer your question... the HQ is not noted as an icon. It has to be ID'd visually and will be announced as a grid coordinate when known. If you don't have the info... By all means... ask on comms or by teamchat... emphasis on the teamchat.

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