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Star Wars' Ships Have Terrible Aerodynamic Designs

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Klai, this may add to your turning impression of The Last Jedi:


***Some spoilers***



I've seen this!  I actually think they make some very good points.  Everything thing he says here is a completely believable in-universe answer to the nature of space combat in Star Wars.  So definite thumbs up.


However, I still hate The Last Jedi. :)


I could write a diatribe on the reasons, but they're all story related, and stem from the movie's misuse of Luke, Chewie,  R2 and Rey.


I also think that the First Order is bumbling and incompetent.  And that because they are, they really aren't a believable threat like the Empire was.  Why is Hux still in command?!  The only competent officer they seemed to have was Captain Moden Canady, who commanded the Fulminatrix.  And they made sure to kill him off.



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