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IL2 Sturmovik BOS & BOM @ 27$ Each game!

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S! All,


If you ever wanted to fly Il2 Sturmovik (WW2 era), but wasn't sure to invest in the games and series... on sale in Steam & the Il2 store


I would say, go and buy it now... since Il2 Sturmovik Stalingrad & Moscow are in special @ 27$ for the premium edition including the collector planes!


You can also get some collector plane and special campaign almost half price!


If you guys need any help after buying all thoses planes and games... feel free to hop on the JG1 TS IL2 channel.



Gen ;)




Rise of flight is 66% off for summer sale... Steam version!

It's part of the Summer Sale - from June 21st to July 5th!



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Hi Luft,


You can get this through Steam or through the Store.  I'd pick one or the other though.


For non-Steam, you can check out the store here for all the sales:




Unfortunately, I can't find a list of whats marked down, so you'll have to wander through and check things out.


But from what I see, the premium versions of Battle of Stalingrad and Moscow are each $27.19.  The regular versions are each 16.99


However, Battle of Kuban is still full price.


And while Battle of Bodenplatte is marked down, but that's an early access discount and not a sale per say.


And then a lot of the collector's planes are marked down too:




Be careful.  When you buy a Premium version of one of the "Battles" (Stalingrad, Moscow, Kuban, Bodenplatte), they come with 2 additional aircraft from the collectors list.  So you don't want to double dip.  For example, you can get the La-5 (series 8), the Fw 190A-3, the Spit Mk. Vb, the Hs 129B2, the P-40E-1, and the MC 202 through buying the Premium versions of the main packs.


There are a four aircraft, however, that you must buy singly.  They are:

  • La-5FN series 2
  • Bf 109G-6
  • Ju 52/3m
  • Yak-1B


Hope this helps!


PS: the campaigns are on sale too. :)

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S! Just for info!


We are flying more and more on Coconut Expert Server on Tuesday Night, and sometimes, the map and planeset is the Kuban map. It makes it hard to fly, when only a few of us have the planeset!


So that’s why I bought Kuban for 49$ lately. Maybe a bit more than the 27$, But a great map and great set of planes.


For most pilots, these 3 games would be a good buy! For the next games coming in 2018-2019, I would wait!


Hope this help!


Gen ;)

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Thanks for all the info, guys    :)    Sounds like the most viable option would be to get the first 3.  No real time now to get started, but at least I'd have them.  Anything specifically helpful I'd need to know to download and install them?  Plan on getting them from the IL2 store, as opposed to Steam.  S!

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Well, I bought the premium editions of BoS, BoM, and BoK (no additional planes at this time).


I went to the "Download" section, and it downloaded a file called BoM.exe, and ran that.  When done, it installed files named for Battle of Moscow, and shortcuts for IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Moscow.


Is this everything?  What about BoS and BoK?  My profile shows that I have codes activated for all of them, but based on what's installed, it looks like only BoM is installed.  Why does the "Download" button only give me BoM installer?



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Well, it finished, and the game launched and seemed to work...as far as I went.  I just exited the main screen because I don't have time to get into it right now.  After I exited the game, I noticed that the game launcher seemed to still be open in the task bar.  So I clicked on it, then hit the X to close it.  I got this:




It stuck there and never did close....I shut down the computer and started it back up.


Should that thing be left to run in the background all of the time?  In RoF, when you close the game, or actually once you launch it, the launcher disappears by itself.  Is this normal behavior for IL2?

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Thanks all, it seems to work OK now after restarting computer....at least as much I've had the opportunity to try it.  Probably was just the result of starting the game right after the initial client download, before a reboot.  I also had already found the .exe and picked "run as administrator" from the right-click menu.  It already had a shield next to it, not really sure what that means, in the old days it would have a check mark if already selected.  In any case, when I picked it, it ran the executable, so I'm wondering if you'd have to do that each time if you wanted to ensure that.  Not having any problem anyway, and my only account is as administrator, so I think it's a moot point, regardless.


Thanks again.



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Well, I made exe run as administrator (right clic, properties, compatibility tab, mark run as admin) because I read in somewhere it fix some issues in some servers. As result of this action you have to click ok every time you run the game but this is not a problem at all.

I felt that it make alt+tab more quickly. Before this when I had to go to desktop it took too long.

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Thanks Hess!  I had overlooked the "properties" section of the menu.  The box there was in fact, unchecked.


I think I will wait to change anything until I see that I actually have some problem.  As I mentioned earlier, there's only one account on my machine, and it's administrator.  Up to now I've been free of problems that others have encountered, such as "rof.exe" errors, DTD's, etc.


If I start to experience those kind of problems, I'll now know where to change things first.  Thanks!

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