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I've been trying to start the BAT version of the War over Italy campaign as a P-51D pilot but it won't generate. I've followed the instructions of how to do this multiple times and have gotten really frustrating because I managed to get DCG with CUP working last year before I moved on to other games and eventually got a new PC.


I've checked my exe paths multiple times and everything seems to be in the right place according to the guide on sas1946. I select allcampaigns.dcg for the campaign and set it to replace Dgen campaigns and turn auto generation on and then select the country and part of the campaign. After all that, once I hit generate, it says a player defined campaign was created but it actually wasn't. After it is supposedly generated, I try to generate a mission and it tells me I don't have a campaign selected. I've tried going into the game right after generation the campaign too and I'm able to find it in the career menu and select what plane to fly but when I click "start" nothing happens. Every few times it gets weird too and when I click start the same thing happens but game minimizes but still stays running. 


This is what the error log shows when I try generating a mission after generating the campaign:


[2018/07/06 13:07:47.282] Parameter String0 = C:\Users\nicks\Videos\Games\IL-2 Sturmovik\Modded Install\BAT-Pathfinder v3.3\IL2DCG\il2dcg.exe
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.282] DCG.ini processed.
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.286] Loaded messages processed.
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.289] Game version checked [1946].
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.289] Game version includes IL2AEP [True].
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.290] Game version successfully set up.
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.296] Mission Button Enabled.
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.297] Player Name Checked.
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.389] Universal Paints Initialized.
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.390] Description Determined.
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.391] No Campaign selected.
[2018/07/06 13:07:47.467] Form Create Complete
[2018/07/06 13:08:00.353] New Campaign Selected.
[2018/07/06 13:08:00.354] Setting new log file date.
[2018/07/06 13:08:00.354] Game Path = C:\Users\nicks\Videos\Games\IL-2 Sturmovik\Modded Install\BAT-Pathfinder v3.3\
[2018/07/06 13:08:00.355] Finding configuration file to determine log file name.
[2018/07/06 13:08:00.356] Logfile = eventlog.lst
[2018/07/06 13:08:00.367] New Campaign Begun
[2018/07/06 13:08:05.721] Campaign Start Button Clicked.
[2018/07/06 13:08:24.101] Select or create a campaign before continuing.
[2018/07/06 13:08:35.290] Select or create a campaign before continuing.
Another side note, when I try doing this with auto generation off, the campaign actually gets created but generating a mission or selecting the campaign squadrons.dcg file leads to il2dcg.exe not responding forever and after I shut it down, the exe is unable to open up again until I delete the generated campaign files within IL2DCG. If anyone could help, that'd be great.

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